The Best Plants for Beginners

So you don’t have the greenest thumb—we get it. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be surrounded by beautiful, mood-lifting greenery in your space. What you need are some low-maintenance plants that can deal with a bit of neglect. If you’re new to plant parenting, or just tend to be forgetful when it comes to caring for your plants, these easy-going green gems are ideal for you.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ is everything you’d want in a beginner plant. Stunning and nearly impossible to kill. She’ll thrive in bright to moderate, indirect light but will be perfectly fine in extremely low levels of light as well.

Snake Plant

Her sleek, architectural leaves will add an undeniable element of cool to your space, wherever you put her. Place her next to a bright sunny window or even in a dimly lit office and she’ll still be happy.


If you want easy and adorable a Peperomia is your match. She’s a semi-succulent so she doesn’t need a lot of water. She can tolerate partial shade and will even grow under fluorescent lights.


She’s a resilient one and will look lush and lively, even if you sometimes forget to pay attention to her. She’ll be fine with a medium amount of natural light or even in a semi-shady spot.


In general, to keep your plants happy, don’t overwater. Pay attention to your plant’s specific water needs, but keep in mind that with most plants it’s usually better to underwater than overwater.

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